Boarding Harpoon


This beautiful piece of technology is exclusive to pirate ships, but I think you already figured that much out. Because, pirates are the few people who have a need to board another ship in mid air… against the other ship’s will.

Now, how it works is rather simple. It’s like your regular harpoon gun (if your regular harpoon gun were five times larger), with a cable attached, but instead this harpoon gun has two cables attached to it. In between these cables are planks of wood, about five feet long and six inches wide (and about half an inch between each board). So if a pirate fires this harpoon at another ship he has a nice, handy little bridge that’s ready for him to run across. And so long as the ship’s pilot is able to keep close enough to the other ship, that bridge will stay there; so he has a nice, handy little bridge to walk back across. Only when somebody presses the release button on the harpoon gun, does the harpoon head’s barbs contract back into the mechanism. Then, a simple press of the retract button, and you have your harpoon and bridge back; ready to be used another day.

Effective Range Maximum Range
80-200 ft. 300 ft.

Boarding Harpoon

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